Let the Kids Wiggle About on the Radio Flyer Ziggle Ride On

Radio Flyer Ziggler Ride OnWiggle, ride and spin on this toy from Radio Flyer. The Ziggle is a sit down toy where children 5-8 years old and under 85 lbs can wiggle their feet and arms back and forth to propel themselves on paved surfaces. Read more...

Meet the A-Bike – the Smallest of Foldable Travel Bikes

This thing is tiny. Weighing in at just 12 lbs (5.5 kg) it is in a weight class of it's own. It's light enough to carry with just one hand.

The A-Bike is designed for urban commuting. Being small and compact, this is something you can easily take on the bus, subway, train, into the store, or your place of work. Read more...

Sole Skate – an Ultraportable Skateboard the Size of Your Shoe

Sole SkateFor all you fun foot travelers or skateboarders looking for something extremely portable, the Sole Skate may interest you. It is a bit bigger than your foot and can fit in a backpack. Read more...

Goodbye Uncomfortable Seats and Hello Dreamslide Seatless Bike

Dreamslide Seatless BikeOne way to deal with uncomfortable bike seats is to eliminate them altogether. Inventor Jean-Marc Gobillard has killed the bike seat with his creation called the Dreamslide. Tushies everywhere rejoice!

Seriously, bicycle seats are a groin's worst enemy. If you've ever ridden a bike, you know the feeling. The Dreamslide is a groin's best friend.

Jean-Marc Gobillard wanted to combine the feeling of skiing, rollerblading and surfing with the strength of a bicycle.

In skiing you have to shift your weight to turn, and turning is similar on the Dreamslide. You ride and pedal all while standing and to turn you lean to either side.

The trick in making pedaling work in the standing position was to to change how the pedals work. Pedaling while standing up on a normal bike is hard work. To make it easier, this unique bike features an Anti-Fatigue Pedaling System (APS).

APS provides an efficient way to propel yourself in the standing position. Pedaling on the Dreamslide is similar in feeling to jogging. There's a more thorough explanation about how it works on the company's website.

It is smaller than a bike so it is more portable and it weighs around 10 kg/22 lbs. A nice feature is that it can easily be folded up in less than 5 seconds and placed in the trunk of a car.

Check out the video of it in action below!

Onda Board – Feels Like There’s A Motor Underneath

The creators say that they designed the Onda Board to be the best longboardOnda Board longboard for cruising. And it just might be.

Built From the Ground Up

The futuristic Onda Board was created from the ground up. Every part of it was custom made. The deck is made of a robust yet flexible polymer and fiberglass blend.

Straight from Onda's website- "Its material blend is hygroscopic, which means it will actually absorb humidity and become more flexible and even stronger over time. That means you can ride your Onda in any weather, or even leave it outside. It won’t ever delaminate as wood does."

Now, I don't quite understand how absorbing humidity will make it stronger and more flexible, but it sounds interesting nonetheless. And from the video, it definitely looks like it is flexible and strong (seeing it be run over by a car was fairly convincing).

Onda Board longboardRide and Glide

The Onda board was built for being good at cruising and carving. The board is low to the ground so it is easier to kick, and the low friction 7 inch wheels help you glide longer.

Adjustable Trucks

The trucks can be adjusted by swapping out the torsion shocks. There are several different shocks with different degrees of hardness. They can be interchanged and mixed up to adjust the trucks to fit the terrain being ridden, or to match what the rider wants.

So, if the rider wants to be able to carve more, soft shocks can be installed, or if the rider needs a stiffer ride for higher speeds, harder shocks can be installed, all without tools and done fairly quickly. The spare shocks can be stored under the board for later.

Onda Board in Action

Looking at it, I definitely did not think this thing would handle being run over by a car.

What do you think about the Onda Board? Comment below!

Snow Glyder Ski Conversion Kit For Scooters

This Snow Glyder kit is used to convert a scooter so that it can be used on snow. Take the wheels off your scooter, replace them with the Snow Glyder skis and you now have a scooter that is ready to ride on snow. With the Snow Glyder kit you can keep riding all year round, and it's cheaper than buying a separate scooter built entirely just for the snow.

Snow Glyder Scooter Kit


  • The patented Snow Glyder ski design lets you switch your wheels with skis.
  • Heavy duty rust resistant skis will handle the toughest use.
  • Quick release axle system allows you to conveniently switch between skis and wheels in just seconds.
  • Skis have plastic tips for added safety.
  • Includes quick release axles and 2 hex wrenches.
  • Skis are contoured on the edges and tips to improve carving.
  • Size: 15" x 5".
  • Ages: 8+.
  • Shoe box style packaging with convenient carry handle

Snow Glyder Conversion Kit


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Railz Snow Scooter

Scooter crazed kids under 140 lbs and over 44 lbs can keep riding in the winter with the Railz snow scooter. With skis in place of wheels, this scooter is snow worthy and ready to shred the slopes.

Railz Snow Scooter In Action

Below is a video of the Railz snow scooter in action.

Railz Snow Scooter

  • Collapsible Aluminum Scooter Design Folds down for easy storage
  • Patented RAILZ ski assemblies
  • Stainless Steel Hardware for durability
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to ride
  • Recommended for ages 5+ Under 100lbs

RECOMMENDED FOR RIDERS UNDER 100lbs FOR USE ON PACKED SNOW. The NEW Railz Snow Scooter is the hottest thing to hit the slopes since the snowboard! A must for any serious freestyle scooter rider. You cant ride your scooter when it snows, but with the Railz Snow Scooter you can shred year round! Permitted at most ski resorts too! Look for the Railz Pro Model Snow Scooter coming soon!

List Price: $ 99.95

Price: $ 68.99

Riding A Dirtsurfer.. On Snow?

The Dirtsurfer can tackle pavement, grass, dirt, sand, and... snow! Some Dirtsurfer owners are snowboarders that use it during the off-season so they can have something to ride when there is no snow.

Other hardcore Dirtsurfer owners don't let their board collect dust over the winter, and instead keep on riding!

Click the photo to see more Dirtsurfer on snow pictures

While a Dirtsurfer won't outperform a snowboard on the snow, it does roll! As you can see in the 2nd video below, it doesn't work well on deep snow. Harder packed is the snow of choice for a Dirtsurfer. Take a look at the videos below.

Flowlab Rails Snowskate Skateboard – 4 Skis Instead Of 4 Wheels

Instead of wheels the Flowlab Rails snowskate has 4 skis. Take skateboarding to the snow for a whole different experience.


Trikke Skki – Trikke On The Snow

  • New molded racing style handle bar
  • No extra equipment
  • New sport - Easy to use

Product Description
Now you can TRIKKE in the SNOW! It has arrived!! The Silver 2009 model includes a molded safety bumper, racing style handle bar, newly designed skis, and new foot-pad ready for foot-strap accessory.

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